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Projects Are What We Do!


Currently, The H.O.P.E. institute is sponsoring a series of events and is working with the owner of ENOTA, a world class camping resort, to re-purpose it into a self-sustaining community of like-minded people striving to get back to the basic fundamentals of living as God intended their creation to live.  Honesty, Omnipotence, Pure Love and Essence of your designed intent are the Universal Laws by which The HOPE Institute is contributing people and resources to getting people to the site to experience first hand what it means to live a happy and prosperous life as a result of hard work and a desire to be free, but free as we were intended. Accept responsibility and accountability for your free will choice to create masterful solutions. 


Being able to deliver the message of H.O.P.E. to those who need it most is a challenge for coaches across America and around the globe. There is so much we have to give to those who are challenged with finding their footing in this time of inequality, spiritual bankruptcy, social turmoil, fake information and mental programming. While there are many programs available to people with the ability to pay, coaches need to be able to deliver good sound resources to their clients who are in need and who do not need one more financial burden.  For those us of us who are given the mission to help the least affluent of us, we need to look to you, the donor, the philanthropist, the corporate leader to provide the resources necessary to reach the underprivileged among us. Click to donate to this 501c3 charity so we can help.


The HOPE Institute is working to provide homeless veterans with coaching and resources necessary to get back into the community after completing their service to our country and after completing whatever support programs to deal with the PTSD and related challenges. The HOPE institute provides a program of H.O.P.E. that guides veterans through a step by step process to Honestly assess where they are, to study their God-like ability to create and to accept responsibility and accountability for those creations. The veteran learns to embrace the healing power of Pure Love and to see their designed Essence to do more in their lives to be happy and prosperous. And finally, the vet receives a fully executable strategy for taking all they learn to make it a reality right now!


It has long been an objective of The Hope Institute to reach across the globe to help sponsor projects that will bring people H.O.P.E. Recently we were able to provide fiscal sponsorship for an organization to help a project in Florida with the mission to assist battered women and children with refuge and resources. We sponsored a program to train a facilitator in Drum Therapy so that the program will be available for the Restored to Dream organization in Florida. We are also working with an organization out of Switzerland called The Love Army. We will be providing updates as the news comes out on that project.


It is the long term vision of The HOPE Institute to establish communities of sanctuary and training for young adults and others to go and re-energize and re-program in order to develop a new life plan. The institute is a self-sustaining community built upon the principles of HONESTY, OMNIPOTENCE, PURE LOVE and ESSENCE; these principles that have been slowly eroded from the fabric of young minds.

Institutes are developed from re-purposed properties such as malls, buildings, farms and donated lands.